February 17, 2018

We are extending our January special! Buy a share (week) for $695 upfront, $372 closing costs later, and 2018 maintenance fee of $534 is INCLUDED in that price!!

That means that you'll have a week here at RBR in 2018 in the zone of your choice, AND a week to use every year thereafter for a maintenance fee of around $550/year!

The exchange value of each share FAR exceeds what you're paying for it because there are so few time-shares here on the OR Coast! Recently, one owner got TWO weeks in Puerto Vallarta in exchange for their one week here!!

Which means the use of a room that sleeps 6 and has a kitchen and is OCEAN FRONT for around $75/night! Also has a pool, sauna, and hot tub from which you can watch the sun set into the Ocean. You KNOW you won't find that rate anywhere else!

And BTW, whether you buy one share or two or FIVE, you only pay ONE closing fee! So that makes each ADDITIONAL share a net cost of $161: $695 upfront cost minus $534 maint fees for 2018!

Look under "Photo Gallery" and click on "Interior" to see our rooms and the views from them.

Time is limited for this special deal! Call 503-355-2191 or email NOW!!!