Volume 22, Issue 2                                                                                                                       August, 2017

Editor:    Jeff Hunter


 Hello Owners and Friends,

               FUTURE!  Simple word or path? We, as owners, are responsible for RBR. When I was elected to be president of the board, I wanted to make sure that things stay as comfortable as they are now. We have a very unique resort in a beautiful area that offers a great many things to do for all ages. At the same time, we also do not want to stagnate and want to welcome constructive change.

Therefore, I would challenge all owners to think of one or two items that could make your stay more fun or easier. Please send them to any board member or Jeff Hunter. As we gather your ideas, the board will strive to implement them if they are practical and financially possible.

I would invite owners, old and new, to attend the Saturday morning introduction in the recreation room. The area is always changing and if you attended when Don was manager, you will find that Jeff puts a different twist on the presentation. Jeff has also been busy updating the website, Facebook, and we now have a live web cam so you can always log on and see YOUR resort.  Check out the details in this edition.

Thank you,

Marc Sneddon



 As I sit here in my office listening to the sounds of the Ocean, I can’t help but remember how lucky I am to be running this incredible resort in this amazing spot with this awesome team!

We have made a few small changes to the staff and implemented some new training regimens. We have finally gotten Bob the support and expert backup he needs to keep this place running at peak efficiency.

We have also added crabbing and clamming equipment for owners to use as well as guided crabbing & clamming excursions where I show folks how to catch their own fresh seafood, and then how to cook and clean it in the Osborne Rec Room.

We are well on our way to simplifying the reservation process with the help of all the office staff. Soon, we’ll have everything we need in secured computer storage to make fast, easy reservations.

At the moment, we’re focusing our marketing aim on locals. Everyone who lives at the beach knows that the family always wants to come visit! So we’re showing them how simple it is to become a part of the RBR family and have a place for their family to stay when they come down for a visit.

We are also becoming a more permanent and active member of the RB community. We are attending and participating in all Chamber meetings, as well as the Lions Club and City Council. Many more locals now know what RBR does and how well we do it!

Along with computerizing our reservation systems, we are also bringing RBR’s online image to the fore. We’ve claimed and customized our Facebook, Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and Bing pages, as well as revamping the RBR website.

AND, anytime you like, you and friends & family can got to and click on “Resort Camera” and see exactly what is happening with a LIVE feed from a camera mounted on the corner of the rec room building aimed at Twin Rocks!

As always, I am here most of the time. Feel free to email or call me any time!

 Jeff Hunter                                                      


General Manager



If you want our new owners to be the most excellent fit for our current family, tell all your friends and family about what a great value shares are right now and get them on board!


That way, ALL of our new owners will be the best possible fit for our family


Thanks to all Board and committee members for their tireless  donations of time, energy and expertise.