Brush Up Course On Resort Use

This Brush Up course is to help new and existing owners use their time at Rockaway Beach Resort, Inc.


 Owners can book up to one year in advance. Rockaway Beach Resort weeks run Friday to Friday.
 Book early for best selection. Can be changed, without losing time, thirty days prior to scheduled start of original reservation.
 Office always returns calls; please leave a message so we can get back to you.
 Office cannot help with bookings on Fridays. This is our busiest day of the week with departures and arrivals and we are unable to give the necessary time it takes to do the thorough job shareholders need.


 Name, number of guests (including number of children) required.
 Every seven-day share allows one weekend (Friday and Saturday).
 Minimum two-night reservation required.
 Room or building preferences considered. Specific units cannot be guaranteed.
 Guests with medical conditions limiting mobility will be given priority for ground-floor units when stated at the time of the reservation.
 Dues and Fees must be current before booking
reservation - Statements are mailed in January and are due February 15.


Any week which has a higher demand for reservations than availability can become a “lottery” week such as ground floor rooms, Holiday times such as Spring break, Christmas, July 4th, and October Chinook fishing.
Owners entering a lottery should call a year ahead AND CONFIRMATIONS are mailed to the “winners”. When you win a “lottery” week you do NOT win a specific room. The Resort tries to accommodate room requests but cannot always guarantee a specific room. We ask for second and third choices when you enter the Lottery. Legitimate handicap reservations needing a ground floor always “trump” others.

ZONES- Our Resort Booking times are divided into three zones

1) Zone 1: June, July, August and September
2) Zone 2: April, May, October and November
<span">3) Zone 3: January, February, March and December
Booking must use each zone once, within the established three-year cycle rotation of the share.


There are three ways to use time “out of zone”
1. Friday Standby:
a. Call on the Friday of the weekend you wish to stay and if time is available, you can book Friday and Saturday. These two weekend nights do count toward the seven days but do not count as the two weekend nights.
2. Thirty-Day Standby:
a. Within 30 days from the time of your call, you can book time (all other rules apply) out of zone.
3. Homeowner Rent
a. If you have booked or used all your time for the year, and a unit is available, you can call the day of the reservation to book one night at the current special rental rate.
b. Available only to the deeded owner.
c. Can only be booked the day of the reservation – no advance bookings.
d. Can only be booked for one night at a time.
Deeded owners in the area may always use the facilities: pool, sauna, and recreation room. Please sign in at the office.


Owners should notify the office so names of those they wish listed as Authorized Household Members are recorded with office. Eligible people include: spouse, parents, children, and grandchildren twenty-five years of age or older.

Owners are required to provide a signed Transfer Agreement and the current fee of $5.
Transfer Agreement - two required signatures:
1. Deeded Owner
2. Authorized representative (person using your time)
3. If an owner “rents” booked time on their own, a transfer agreement must be provided prior to the reservation and the transfer fee paid. The owner is responsible for any damage to the room.
4. OWNERS must be sure your “other user” is made aware of our no pets and no smoking policy, check in and checkout time, and maximum room capacity 2, 4, 6.


Time can be placed in a rental program after dues are paid. A copy of the rental agreement can be obtained from the office. Steps:
1. Book Time
2. Fill in and return Rental Agreement and W-9 form to the office.
3. Note: Rental Agreement must be submitted fifteen days prior to the first rental date you are offering.
After time is rented – owner receives seventy percent of the rental proceeds. Credit Card and/or any extra cleaning fees are deducted from owner’s proceeds. We cannot guarantee that time submitted will be rented.
A fee of fifteen dollars is charged to remove time from the rental program once submitted.